What are your store hours?

Our locations have different hours, check here for the store closest to you. 

Are you open for take out?

We sure are! Come on in, and we'll make your drink fresh.

I ordered coffee online. When will it arrive?

Our coffee orders are processed every Thursday at 3PM ET, and shipped out on Friday 3PM ET. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking number once it's on its way. 

Can I order for pick up in store?

Absolutely! If you are local to Toronto, please choose the Pick-Up to swing by to 101 Spadina Ave location when you receive an email that your order is ready for pickup with your name, order # and items ordered. 


What are the mood shine products?

Mood Shine are mood-lifting gummies and adaptogens, which are a fun and effortless way to personalize how you want to feel. Our gummies and medicinal mushrooms are plant-based and formulated by experts for a better calm, focus sleep, glowing beauty, immunity and more!

Am I going to get high?

Although our products contain mushroom adaptogens, you will not experience any psychedelic effects. The ingredients work as performance boosters and mood lifters — think natural nootropics.

Where are the products made?

We are proudly made locally in Canada and US!

How does it work?

We create mushroom, botanical and other formulations that can help you with benefits around better quality sleep, focus, memory, energy, stamina, calm/less stress, skin glow, nail maintenance, hair shine, and immune defense. We extract these real mushroom fruiting bodies without any mycelium-based starch fillers.

Is this legal?

Medicinal mushrooms and other ingredients that are recreational and legal in Canada and the US. 

What science do you have to back up your claims?

These powerful Reishi mushrooms can help enhance immune function through its positive effects on white blood cell activities, which help fight infection. Beyond their immune defense, stress-adapting and anti-inflammatory properties, they have also shown promising results for anti-cancer activities in studies by the Cancer Research Lab at the Methodist Research Institute in Indianapolis and Massey University in New Zealand.


What is your return and exchange policy?

Don't love your product? No worries. Our Mood Shine products have a 100% 90-day money back guarantee. Simply email us hello@strangelovecoffee.com to start the return process. 

I’m pregnant — can I take your supplements? 

All ingredients are formulated to elevate your lifestyle, but if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we’d recommend consulting with your doctor or physician first. 

How do I use your products?

Each product has their own dosage. Take a look at each product's label and product page for details.