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It all started with really good coffee.

Here at Strange Love, we obsess over coffee much like wine lovers do; whether it’s curating heirloom varietals from craft farming regions or formulating approachable, yet complex blends.


  • Farm-to-cup coffee, sourced from small batch craft farmers 

  • Freshly roasted, from award-winning micro roasters

  • World champion brewing techniques

  • Engineered water, our (not so) secret sauce

How do you like your coffee?

Instead of the more traditional “Light & Dark” coffee choices, we offer two distinct flavour profiles of coffee. 

With the availability of fantastic coffee sourcing from auction houses and going Direct-Trade micro-lot farms, we’re able to select unique coffees from artisanal craft farms all over the world. 

The result is a curated selection of beans from countries such as Rwanda, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and El Salvador with “Classic” and “Adventurous” tasting notes. 

Shop Classic Coffee

The “Classic” option is familiar comfort, typically offering notes of chocolate, nuts, and caramel. Newbies to Strange Love often start here.

Shop Adventurous Coffee

Our "Adventurous" coffee curation is all about exploring coffee’s fruity potential; we roast these single-origin beans lightly to bring out the fruit flavors. This collection showcases the unique side of coffee, with more complex sweet, floral notes up front.