We Understand Energy

We started off selling coffee and caffein to help people power up in our cafes. Now we know that real lasting energy happens in the body not just in the brain. That's why this formula takes over 10 powerful ingredients to give you energy on a cardiovascular and cellular level.

Three of Energy's Essential Ingrdients

Cordycell: Improves Cardio Efficiency

Find out why Cordyceps were at one point considered the magical ingredient to Olympic track records. Our labs produce Cordycell a proprietary and more concentrated product.

Chaga: Increases Cellular Efficency

Discover how Chaga allows your cells to function more efficiently by getting oxygen and other nutrients to them faster to increase energy for the whole day.

Reishi: Decreases Fatigue

Discover why Traditional Chinese Medicine, uses Reishi to boost Chi, or Qi, our life force energy and modern studies use it to combat chronic fatigue syndrome.

Increase Your Energy Now

Egineered for Success


Rigorous testing protocol ensures each gummy is consistent and effective. Our products meet the highest safety standards. We ensure the highest potency Cordyceps with our proprietary Cordycell structure.


Every phase of our production – from sourcing ingredients, manufacturing, to testing – is done intently to create the most effective product to improve your state of mind.


Our Gummies digest quickly and we only use ingridents that maximize bioavailability. Get more from every Cordycell dose.

Mushroom Powered

Get Energized
Get Activated


"I got tired of getting hopped up on caffein and sugar but I wanted something that could improve my long runs. These gummies are perfect. Every Sunday I take a few Energy gummies by @strangelove. It's crazy to see them improve my VO2 max."


law student

"I combine Energy with Brain Boost before long study sessions and I can literally feel myself calm down, zone in, and last forever. My GPA is the same but I'm spending 1 hour less on each study session."



"I swapped my afternoon coffee for 2 energy gummies at lunch and I get twice as much done. Now I'm always ready for a PLS Fix from my M.D."




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