Coffee Beans - Peanut Butter Cup

Flavour Type: Adventurous
Flavour Profile: Roasted Almond, Peanut Cookie, Brownie
Origin: Brazil
Variety: Yellow & Red Catuai
Process: Natural
Bag: 227g


The Catuai variety of coffee has been in production for over four decades, valued for its high yields and reliable quality. Many Catui varieties have earned outstanding coffee scores, getting placed on lists rating the world's best coffees. Our 3rd generation coffee growers are known for their innovative drying methods, and selective picking. We are sure you'll enjoy this variety that has hints of roasted almond, peanut cookie and brownie.

Pick-up/Shipping Option
All coffee orders are fulfilled once a week on Thursday and shipped on Friday. If you are local in Toronto and would like to pick up in-store, please select the pick-up option at checkout.

Ordering and Shipping

Our coffee beans ship out every Friday. 

Please place orders by Thursday 10:00am to ship out the next day. Orders placed after Thursday 10:00am will ship out the following week.

Shipping is $10 within Ontario for standard bags. If ordering in bulk there will be higher delivery costs, please contact us for a custom shipping cost.

Classic vs. Adventurous Coffee

Instead of the more traditional “Light & Dark” coffee choices, we offer two distinct flavour profiles of coffee.

With the availability of fantastic coffee sourcing from auction houses and going Direct-Trade micro-lot farms, we’re able to select unique coffees from artisanal craft farms all over the world.  

The result is a curated selection of beans with “Classic” and “Adventurous” tasting notes. 

The “Classic” option is familiar comfort, typically offering notes of chocolate, nuts, and caramel. 

Our "Adventurous" collection showcases the unique side of coffee, with more complex sweet, floral notes up front.