Mushroom Powered Energy Gummies for Endurance and Vitality

Mushroom Powered Energy Gummies for Endurance and Vitality

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Product Description

Perfect for weekend warriors and athletes, these cordyceps gummies will support you with boundless energy, shocking endurance, and protection for your immune system. 


    • Boosts energy levels and endurance
    • May help with chronic fatigue
    • Improves breathing and circulation
    • Anti-viral properties

    Product Specifications

    • Each bottle contains 60 gummies (30 day supply)
    • Recommended dose: 1 gummy, 2 times a day
    • Delicious berry flavor

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    Recommended dose: 1 gummy, 2 times a day.
    Bottle contains: 30 day supply of 60 gummies.
    Flavour: Delicious berry flavour.

    Mushroom Powered Energy

    What is it good for?

    Whether you want a boost for your workout, or you're ditching the caffeine, these gummies will provide the perfect amount of energy. Main ingredient, Cordyceps, also boosts the immune system, improves endurance, and provides other long-term health benefits to ensure you can effortlessly pursue your Strange Love.


    What it does

    Thought to increase the body’s production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), this powerful mushroom can improve the way your body uses oxygen, resulting in feeling more energized.

    Interesting Facts: Improves lactic threshold and improves endurance athletes performance


    how it works

    Reishi boosts the immune system through its effects on white blood cells. This protects against pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and parasites, leaving your body feeling revitalized.

    Interesting Facts: Reduces skin inflammation, puffiness, wrinkles, free radical damage, and promotes cell regeneration.


    Big Benefits

    Meaning "dancing mushroom" in Japanese, Maitake contains SX fraction, a water-soluble compound, reducing blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and body weight.

    Interesting Facts: A Japanese study was conducted showing that Maitake extract can impede the Influenza A virus from replicating.

    What are the Benefits of Mushroom Powered Energy?

    Provides Natural Energy

    Thanks to Cordyceps, get rid of the coffee and energy drinks. Our Energy gummies provide a gradual boost of energy, while also skipping the crash. You can confidently rely on these gummies to get you through the day feeling great.

    Reduces Fatigue

    The anti-oxidants in the mushrooms used our energy gummies are a huge contributor to helping reduce chronic fatigue. Every tired day after day, no matter how much sleep you get? Try these gummies and see how you feel!

    Boosts Immune System

    Cordyceps has anti-inflammatory properties, which is known for strengthening the immune system. With a strong immune system, you'll feel great daily and have a higher chance of avoiding some sicknesses!

    In the news

    "The main reason that cordyceps mushrooms have gained the status of ‘super food’ is as a result of the dense combination of nutrients that they contain. Cordyceps are special because they contain a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and complex carbohydrates. "

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